Wednesday, May 8, 2019

anzac day

For ANZAC day, room 2 wrote a piece of writing about it. hope you enjoy.

Why we have Anzac Day?

We have an Anzac day because of many reasons. One of them is that we are meant to remember the soldiers who died in wars to protect our country. We also have an Anzac day to honour the soldiers who fought for our country. Anzac day is an important day of our history. Poppies are important because they were one of the only plants that could grow on the battlefield that they fought in. It was a way to remember the people that died in this war. The poppies are now sold and donated to RSA (retired soldiers association). The poppies remind us to be brave and not giving up on anything even if it is too hard. They sell it to help us remember the soldiers that fought and did their best. We celebrate Anzac day from April 25th 1916 to now! Anzac day started in 1915 but it wasn’t called Anzac day until 1916. Also, ANZAC stands for Australians New Zealand Army Co-operation.

All that concludes that both ANZAC day and poppies are important to most people in Australia and New Zealand. I feel sympathy for all the people that have lost family members.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Amazing Piha Trip

The Marvelous Piha Trip
Finally, we got to go to the beach. While being excited, we struggled to get to it. The scorching sand was burning our foot. We all disbanded like scared chickens getting chased. It felt like I was in heaven. Soon we arrived at the warm, soft sand. So we just sprinted swiftly towards the gargantuan ocean. The water was quite chilly as I entered my first foot. The water sounded so calm that I forgot to start running to warm myself up. When I ran too high five the parents, I got splashed by the colossal wave which made salty water enter my mouth. The water was very salty so I immediately spat it out. When I went to high-five my mum, I splashed her in the face. It felted like I was in paradise. It was an extraordinary experience being swallowed by the colossal waves at Piha with my best friend Liam.
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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thursday, February 21, 2019

My first time playing fortnite

 My first time playing fortnite
As I woke up to start eating breakfast, I realized it was Thursday! It was time to go to my friends Alex’s house, It was 9:00 AM and I have to go to my friend's house at 12:00 pm soon I saw a brand new viral game called fortnite. I suddenly fell in love with it. So when I arrived at his house, I asked him if he had fortnite and he said “YEAH! OF COURSE!” I got so EXCITED! So as I entered, I saw a huge gaming computer with a Logitech g502, a razer keyboard and a 35-inch gaming monitor. I was amazed. So I got on and played. I got my first win in just 30 mins!!! I thought I was a pro until I got rekt. Soon I got used to getting top 10 and I always get mad. But as the game evolved, everyone got better. It was harder to win. Even though I still am not too good I can still get a few wins. I’m still a season 2 player which make me an OG player. A few months later he moved houses so I had to play on my own account and we never met again.
(Me and my friend)

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My pet monster

My Monster

My kind-hearted monster is called GoldenTooth because he has an ugly, slimy mouth with all his teeth rotten and golden. To go with that, he has three yellow gooey eyes and a green disgusting leaf ear. His body is just goo and slime. To walk he has to try really hard because of his tiny stubby feet. All he is is a huge chunk of goo.